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Who doesn’t like the taste and enjoyment of coffee. Coffee is very popular with many people from around the world. Each country must have its own distinctive coffee, including Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the fourth largest coffee exporters after Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia with total exports reaching 666,000 tons in 2017.

Referring to the data from the South Sulawesi Plantation Office, the area of coffee plantations in South Sulawesi up to 2018 is around 58 thousand hectares. Consisting of 24 thousand hectares of Robusta coffee land and 34 thousand hectares of Arabica coffee. The coffee production target in 2019 is 1 million tons.

Basically, coffee beans that grow in Indonesia consist of only three types. Among these are arabica coffee beans, robusta coffee beans, and liberika coffee beans. Indonesia’s geographical location is very suitable to be used as coffee plantation land. Because it is ideally situated for a microclimate for coffee growth and production.

Robusta coffee is a type of coffee that is widely produced. Makkasar is one of the main coffee warehouses in Indonesia. Although Robusta coffee is not a typical coffee for Indonesia, this type of coffee has become an important export commodity in Indonesia after Arabica coffee types.

With the potential for coffee development, South Sulawesi has even been able to export an average of around 13% of coffee production to a number of countries. The United States is the largest South Sulawesi coffee export market, followed by Japan, China, Belgium and Australia.

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