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Garcinia Kola, commonly known as Bitter Kola, has amazing health benefits, which some of us are yet to discover. This tropical flowering plant is common in Cameroon, Nigeria and other parts of central and West Africa. The fruit, seed, nut and bark of the bitter kola tree have been used for centuries in treating and preventing diseases. Bitter kola contains bioflavonoids such as kolaviron, which is responsible for many of its health benefits.
One very common use of the Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract, is for the alleged benefit of extending life, at least many people believe that the Bitter Kola is the elixir of youth. Scientific research has been conducted on the Bitter Garcinia Kola Extract; the scientists found out there was a wide variety of benefits. For example, Bitter Kola helps in keeping the lung tissue healthier, is a great appetite suppressant, relieves joint pain associated with arthritis and can even improve male sexual health. A Nigerian government agency has found out that Bitter Kola has numerous properties that can be used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. It’s also been found that Bitter Kola can be used to treat the liver and bladder – it can flush out any toxins that can be found in these areas.


Origin: Nigeria
Type: Nuts
Crude Protein (N X 6.25): 8.06%
Nitrogen-Free Extract: 86.23%
Pricing Terms FOB: On Request
Quality certification: SGS
Monthly Supply Ability: 36MT Monthly
Shipping and Packaging options:
Packaging: 50Kg jute bags 20ft container (18MT)
MOQ: 36 MT (2 FCL)
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Delivery Time: 21-30 days after LC is raised

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