AI fever screening system


AI fever screening system

The AI Fever Screening System is designed to capture and recognize human faces, and test the forehead temperatures simultaneously. It's used to find out fever personals and give an initial warning for public safety and health purpose.


Face recognition + forehead temperature testing
Android operating system
Artificial technology based algorithm guarantee accurate testing result and minimize ambient interference.
Support mask and glasses mode, minimize potential virus risks
Plug and play, easy installation


Visible light

Resolution 1920×1080
focal length 8mm

Temperature testing

Temperature range 20~45
Accuracy ± 0.3 (target temperature: 32 ~ 42 )
NETD 60mk
Temperature correction Built-in black body,real-time calibration
measure time <500ms
Measuring distance 1 ~ 2 meters, best 1 meter,


Thermometer RJ45
Facial recognition camera USB
Integrate Android Sever Power cable

Environmental adaptability

Operating temperature 16 ~ 32 °C accurate temperature measurement
storage temperature -20~60
Working humidity <90% (non-condensing)


1) Dual-spectrum camera, all-weather real-time monitoring
2) visible light for face recognition, and thermal imaging for body temperature monitoring
3) Recognize faces accurately through face recognition algorithms
4) Measure the temperature of the human face
5) Dynamic on-screen temperature displayed
6) Big data statistics: When a large amount of high-temperature data is found, alert the management staff in a timely manner.
7) Interface and sound abnormal alarm
8) Device settings, Record and personnel management

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