Delta for Agricultural Development

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  • Performance Excellence is our goal with our customers,
  • Creating loyal business relationships through understanding our customer stated and unstated needs ensuring always keeping them Happy.
  • Delta for Agriculture is a much focused supplier of fresh produce, specifically salads and Legumes to the EU and UK retailers and wholesale market and food processors.
  • Low cost / high quality and consistent good deliveries is how we compete. Utilizing in depth knowledge of the products we supply from seed to planting to harvest to post harvest to packing and transporting makes us able to deliver consistency of quality in our supply.
  • Economies of scale make us able to price low profitably .simply we offer value to customers. Better, Faster and Cheaper is our motto.
  • We understand B2B Supplying well and what performance is and that s what we deliver.
  • Facing the ever challenge of price pressure while still holding performance high, we position ourselves in creating very strong supply chains with our partners to be able to compete with the ultimate customer , from super markets to wholesale customers.