MobiLusso Furniture

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MobiLusso’s offers a board range of exclusive made-to order designs, manufactured with a high level of customization, including lighting and accessories offering a perfect environment for customers seeking style and comfort.

- On some collections the clients may alter the design to suit their taste.

- From the very first stage of the project we define every detail in order to manufacture a stable and fully optimized product and paying meticulous attention to details and shapes.

- Providing the advice, drawings and this allows to amend or change what they want, before implementation and the client is fully aware of starting from design until the end of manufacturing. Customized Designs:

Also, we have production line for customized designs, which requested by our customers and in this context, we can manufacture your own designs/models according to (the dimensions, finishing, colors, fabrics) you do prefer and of course interiors projects.