Habba Habba

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Welcome to the humble family of Mufaddal for Food Industries.

Ever since “Mufaddal” started in 1979, we have given priority to quality. This has granted us a growing relationship with our customers. We have reached today a standard where our business is recognized as amongst the top on a national and regional level. This has been achieved by the grace of Allah and the hard work and dedication of our family and staff. We are driven by the desire to continuously improve and develop in sourcing, processing and human development to make our brand a signature of quality, standard and trust.

We always promote all the marvelous advantages and benefits rice and pulses have to offer. We are supporting and sponsoring conventions, NGOs and local communities to help them create and spread the “rice and pulse philosophy”.

Our message is simple.

Love rice and pulses.

Our mission is to provide effective services and solutions to the pulses and grains sector by processing and marketing high quality produce by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in our systems, product range and brands, to guarantee customer satisfaction. We remain passionate about serving our clients, committed to operational excellence and dedicated to sustainable growth.

We believe that our suppliers and customers are our partners and make every effort to meet their requirements and demands, even under the most turbulent market conditions, hence taking pride in being dependable and reliable.

We understand that our product is an essential link in a long chain of preparations that ends as a meal on a table, and therefore give our utmost dedication to ensure that our link remains the strongest and most reliable in that chain.