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United Kingdom
Our family owned manufacturing business based in Irkutsk (Siberia) is offering a high quality Angara Pine.
Angara pine (Pinus Sibirica) is well-known all over the world by its density, high durability and reliability, ease of processing (timber perfectly yields to machining and does not crack during drying) due to the extreme climate conditions in Siberia, and matures at the age of 120-150 years.

It is popular for its antibacterial, heat- and noise-preserving properties. It is famous for its resistance to rotting and infestation by fungus and insects. Angara pine wood has a translucent amber colour, which does not change over years.

The timber is manufactured in a variety of lengths, dimensions and qualities to meet a variety of customer requirements. In addition, the size of our operations means that we have the capacity to stock a large number of standard products, thereby ensuring rapid delivery of placed orders.

We can supply any quantity worldwide. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.