International Trade Facilitation Association (ITFA)

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In 2019 Dr. Fagbohun Raphael and Mr. Collins Nwosu set up the International Trade Facilitation Association in response to growing non-tariff-based trade gaps they observed as they engaged in training business owners in export/import fields.

With the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement in place we want to ensure our members are able to successfully trade with other African countries. In addition, we are putting infrastructure in place to support trade activities in the Middle East. This has created strategic partnerships such as the one we have with TradeMe-Links and Capstone MENA.


ITFA render advisory services and offer market access and networking opportunities for members. We organize B2B and B2C trade missions, assist in negotiations of bulk orders, offer warehousing and fulfilment centers, logistics, and more.

We offer our members training programs and create strategic partnerships to support the growth of African businesses.

Packaging products to meet market standards can be tough, we support our members with market and product specific support.

What markets should I enter and how do I get new customers?
How do I get my goods across to the customer in one piece?
I sent goods and never got paid, what do I do?
I got an order and don’t know how to go about fulfilling it, can you help?
How do I get my products to my clients in a timely and cost-efficient manner because I do small volumes?

These are just a few of the challenges we support our members through.


The logistical support provided to our members include storage facility warehouses strategically located in the UAE to cover trade in the GCC, Nigeria for West Africa, and Egypt for North Africa. As we expand, our members who deal in small volumes would be better positioned to take orders from these locations having leveraged the economies of scale that ITFA provides.

Mission - Supporting SME’s and individuals to successfully engage in international trade


Dr. Raphael is a serial entrepreneur and development specialist. Over the years he has helped create and support non-governmental institutions in business and social enterprises. He is currently the President, Board of Trustees of ITFA.

Collins is an entrepreneur, export strategy consultant, and has significant background in finance. Over the past 18 months alone he has supported over 300 businesses in developing their export strategies. He continues to work closely with multilateral agencies and governments to drive trade.

Vision - Creating Sustainable International Trade Networks between Africa and International Markets


The Middle East and Africa (MEA) are our primary focus. Helping our members overcome Trade barriers, create strategic alliances, successfully trade across various member countries is a goal to be achieved. We would help by dealing with non-trade barriers such as logistics, storage, market intelligence, networks. Although not limited to the afore mentioned interventions, these would form the initial regional Trade support touch points.


Our current members feature a variety of products & services including:
  • Ginger, Ginger Powder, Ginger Oil
  • Turmeric, Pepper
  • Sesame Seeds, Cashews
  • Shea butter, Sheacake
  • Clothing (local fabrics like Adíŕé)
  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics
  • Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Advisory
  • Finance


If you are an Africa based Association, Corporate Organizations, NGO, Women Owned Business or Entrepreneur interested in exploring international opportunities to grow your business, fill out our form for appraisal, and a team member will get in touch to discuss how we can assist you.