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Our story begins in 1987. back then we were a construction company Today we are a group of companies in many field of investment: ( Construction invest. , Agriculture invest. , Agriculture Development , Salt invest. ) with a lot of customers over more than 10 countries.

Salt investment description

The salt investment starts in 2010.The company has a salt saline lakes in Siwa Oasis which is considered one of the best salt saline lakes in salt production in Egypt. And a factory in the Alexandria to refine the salt extracted from siwa field. Pure Salt is one of the leading companies in the production of raw salt, and produces more than 500,000 tons/year of raw and refined salt. In addition to produces various industrial forms of sodium chloride salt (NaCl).


Our mission is to build a strong commitment between our responsibilities to exporters and consumers by producing high-quality salt products and delivering the best time and quality. And to play a leading role among leading exporters of salt & meet the need for wide scale industry requirements.


To be recognized as a leading company in global market supplier of high-quality salt to the entire world through our high-tech equipment, rich mineral resources in Siwa, Egypt, and the large fleet it can offer in Egypt and other countries. Commitment to providing outstanding service by enhancing employee welfare and maximizing their contribution to the company's success through development and training.

About siwa oasis

Siwa is an oasis located 800 km from the Egyptian capital Cairo. It is in the heart of the western desert of Egypt and rich in natural resources. Groundwater springs are scattered in the oasis, date and olive groves, and long stretches along the seashore, white gold Salt lakes or navigators surround the oasis on an area of 55,000 acres, lakes that produce a rare quality of salt, called white gold oasis. The production of these lakes is estimated at 60 million tons of salt. Siwa salt has the highest concentration in the world, and is frequented by industrial and European countries not only for its high melting capacity of roads and airports’ ice, but also it contains 1,400 elements in many industries. Salt from the Siwa Oasis is unique as it is generated from unique geographical phenomena. The area of Siwa is 18 meters below sea level and with a high quality salt .

Salt usage

The salt of many countries is a source of national wealth because of the importance of this salt in different areas of life where people use salt directly and indirectly in many areas
The following are the most important uses of salt:
  1. Production of chemicals used in various industries such as soda (sodium carbonate), caustic soda (sodium hydroxide, chlorine, sodium, hydrogen and hydrochloric acid).
  2. Used as a flavoring (snacks factories), preservative and treatment in human and animal foods.
  3. Feed and poultry factories.
  4. Used as a water-freezing agent to melt snow and ice (De-icing salt).
  5. Used in the processing of some mineral ores such as raw materials.
  6. Used in metallurgy, oil and chemical industries for the production of soap, dyes and leather tanning.
  7. Used in the manufacture of refractories for the production of ceramics and glazes.
  8. Used in agriculture as a pesticide.
  9. Used in the dairy industry in addition to its uses in the manufacture of medical drugs.
  10. The most recent use of salt is to bury nuclear waste in rock salt mines.